Waberer’s has launched new intermodal solution

Waberer’s International Zrt., a leading transportation services provider in the market of complete consignments in Europe announced that, in response to changing customer needs , it has launched an intermodal solution for its customers as of May 16, 2017. 

waberer_intermodalAs part of the new solution, from now on a train solution will also be used in the transportation of consignments between Budapest, Hungary and Neuss, Germany.
Available to all partners of Waberer’s, the new intermodal solution will offer predictable and on-time delivery of consignments even on public holidays. 
As part of the service, each weekday a trainset will depart into each direction, leaving the departure points in Hungary and Germany respectively at 10:00 p.m. Day 1 and arriving to their destinations at 6:00 a.m. Day 3. The trainsets will complete the approx. 1,000 km journey non-stop, arriving at special terminals at each of the destinations to ensure maximum safety of the consignments. 
The intermodal shipments will be transported by a P400 Mega trailer fleet consisting of 400 trailers, dedicated for transporting via railways. The company plans to further expand its fleet by additional 300 vehicles to up to 700 P400 Mega trailers.
“Being an environment-conscious company committed to innovation, we at Waberer’s seek to design our portfolio in a way that allows us to make available services that offer efficient solutions and create added value for our partners while imposing a low burden on the environment. Our new intermodal solution was launched as part of this ambition, and in the future we would like to expand this service both in terms of capacity and new routes”, Ferenc Lajkó, CEO of Waberer’s International said.
Currently, Waberer’s works with its expert team to expand the offering with new intermodal routes to Italy and the Ruhr Area as the next step. They also plan to increase the current 30-trailer-a-week capacity on the recently launched German route to 100 in each direction, and to quadruple the number of dedicated tractors (currently 24) in the near future.


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