MAKR GROUP, designs a special scenario for each project cargo
Under the Status of Surveillance Campany which is primarily specialized in bulk cargo loading of container ships and provides services directly to ship owners in cargo planning, Lashing Plan Port Captain, and MOS matters, MAKR Group managing partner Mert Kuzpınar, says: “As MAKR Group, our most important distinguishing point is that the services we provide and our staff are fully equipped with academic khowledge, sea and navigation experience, we are developing separate projecst for each load, and we make plans by considering the risks at our highest level.”

MakrCan you give information about the areas where MAKR Group concentrates its services, its logistics infrastructure, the number of employees, and its structure in Turkey and abroad?
First of all, MAKR Group was established under the Status of Marine Survey Company and specializes in Breakbulk cargo of mainly Container ships and serves direct shipowners on cargo planning, Lashing Plan Port Captian and MOS.
Apart from these, it provides services on Lashing, Tarpaulin, Fumigation and Seaworthy packaging and also provides consultancy on Dangerous Goods status.
It provides Marine Survey and Lashing services in all ports in Turkey and also provides services in the supply of equipment and workers as a subcontractor in machinery and stuffing and unstuffing services at the CFS sites of container terminals in Ambarlı and İzmit regions.
Apart from the aforementioned services, MAKR Group is the non-bounded container site operator in Ambarlı and Gemlik and provides all of the empty container warehousing and all CFS services provided in the ports to the container lines in the areas it operates non-bounded.
What are the main features that distinguish project logistics from other logistics services? How did Makr Group achieve specialization in this field and how did it make a difference in the market? What are the 5 main factors that you differ in the sector?
The most important feature that distinguishes Project Logistics from other transports is that the services to be provided in terms of engineering knowledge, navigational knowledge requirement and cargo other than transportation standards are calculated and created according to these criteria. Unfortunately, these works in our location are progressing based on the practices coming from the field other than academic knowledge.
As Makr Group, our most important distinguishing point is that the services we provide and our staff are fully equipped with academic knowledge, sea and navigation experience, we are developing separate projects for each cargo, and we make plans by considering the risks at our highest level.
Although customer orientation is one of our priorities, our most important issue in each project is to create a scenario based on the safety of the cargo and its delivery to the buyer as it leaves the manufacturer.
Which sectors and regions abroad do you serve the most in the field of project & heavy cargo and energy logistics? Are there any new regions you are considering to establish?
As Makr Group, our targets in project transportation are companies, buyers and shippers who physically carry out the transportation regardless of the sector or region. We provide services at every point and all ports in Turkey, and we can summarize our service network throughout Europe regarding our other services as follows.
Lashing: Turkiye, Germany,Denmark and Italy
Tarpaulin: Turkiye, Germany and Denmark
Shrink: Turkiye, Germany and Denmark
Survey: Turkiye, Italy
Fumigation: Turkiye
Apart from these, we try to respond to the demands of our customers as much as we can with our Network in every port where Container ships dock.
What size has the project transportation market reached in Turkiye and in the world?  Which regions are the markets that increase their attractiveness for companies providing services in the field of project transportation? What is the growth potential of the market? 
Turkiye is a strategic and important point in terms of its location. The connection point of the North and the South plays an important role in East and West traffic. Apart from local cargo,transit cargo are also very important. Therefore, in addition to its own local cargo, Turkey has gained a very serious momentum in terms of Transit cargo, especially as the Project cargo of Mersin, Kocaeli and Tekirdağ locations, and has a serious say in the global market.
The development of technology in the global market, the growth of ships, the production of ships suitable for world trade outside the standards and their operation make some projects a lesson.
Apart from the transportation of these cargoes, there are many sub-services before and after. First of all, cargo safety and handling are the most important topics outside the cruise. In this regard, Turkiye has developed itself very seriously, especially in the last 10 years, and has reached the level to teach and educate. In this way, Turkish managers take important roles in the global market based on their experience and knowledge.
As MAKR Group, what kind of growth strategy have you determined in this market? In which area will you invest the most? What number will you reach in growth? What are the topics on your agenda?
Makr Group's management and administrative staff is composed of people who are experienced in maritime transportation, navigation and ports, who have worked in Europe, America and the Black Sea regions, and who have assumed important positions in global companies that are major players in transportation.
As a company, our biggest investments are to be involved in the innovation processes of staff training, technological navigation and cargo-specific systems and to have a say in these issues. Apart from these, expanding the product ranges of the companies we consult and being a stakeholder in the development process of both companies and ourselves with different solutions.
MAKR Group
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