Batı Innovative Logistics expands its global network with new investments
Batı Innovative Logistics, which has been operating for over 30 years, strengthens its presence in the market with its offices in Europe. BATI Innovative Logistics International Sales Director Kaan Aydın, who stated that they consistently maintain their vision of being the preferred solution partner of their customers by preserving their ethical values, said: "Since our establishment, we have expanded our scope of activity in order to adapt and respond to the markets in which our customers operate. ”

BatiCould you provide information about BATI Nakliyat, including the number of employees and your domestic and international structure?
BATI Innovative Logistics was founded in 1992 in Istanbul with the mission to provide global transportation services and excel in all aspects of logistics in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized. We have been in operation for over 30 years, consistently upholding our vision of becoming the preferred solution partner for our customers while maintaining our ethical values. Since our establishment, we have expanded our scope of activities to align with the markets our customers operate in and in response to sectoral and global developments.
We operate in various fields, including Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Project Cargo and Ship Chartering, ISO Tank Transport, Yacht Transport, Flexitank Container Transport, Road Transport and Warehousing, Line Representation and Port Agency, as well as Perishable Cargo Transport. We have a team of more than 200 employees working diligently to provide these services.
Our company has a presence in 10 branches and 3 warehouses, covering a total area of 10,000 square meters. Additionally, we have three international offices, namely in Germany (Berlin- BATI Logistics GmbH), Italy (Trieste - BATI Logistics SrL), and the United States (New York - Batı Logistics Incorporated).
What services do you excel in? Which industries do you focus on? What are your industry-specific solutions?
As BATI Innovative Logistics, we offer a versatile and professional transportation service designed to deliver our customer’s products in the best and fastest way possible. We operate in the fields of Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Project Cargo and Ship Chartering, ISO Tank, Yacht, Flexitank Container Transport, Road Transport and Warehousing, Line Representation and Port Agency, as well as Perishable Cargo Transport. Our operations cover a wide range of services, and our vehicles are ready to meet all transportation needs. With strong engines, low fuel consumption, and low-emission technologies, our transportation services are adaptable to various requirements. All our vehicles are equipped with up-to-date technologies and modern equipment to meet Safe Transportation Standards (GTS). In addition to providing all these services, we also act as a solution partner to support our customers. We not only focus on the cargo transfer process but also provide support at different points of need, maintaining a collaborative approach. We adopt a flexible approach to create industry-specific and customer-specific solutions, aiming to meet our
customers' needs. We work to understand the unique requirements of customers from every industry and offer tailored solutions accordingly. Furthermore, we provide support and collaboration throughout all stages of the transportation process. At BATI Innovative Logistics, our goal is to transport our customer’s products safely, quickly, and efficiently, and we provide Professional services to achieve this.
What types of cargo do you transport, from where to where, using which modes of transportation, and with what transit times?
BATI Innovative Logistics specializes in transporting a wide range of cargo to destinations worldwide using various modes of transportation. This includes; Maritime Transport, this encompasses container shipping and ship chartering. Cargo is often transported on large container ships or chartered vessels. Air transportation is used to meet urgent shipping needs and provide fast deliveries. It offers different transportation speeds based on the requirements. Road Transport, road transportation involves the movement of goods by land. It is particularly effective for short-distance and local deliveries. Project Cargo Transport, project cargo transportation is specially designed for transporting large and heavy loads. It often requires the use of specialized transport equipment. ISO Tank Transport, ISO tank containers are used for transporting liquid and gas cargo. It ensures the safe and efficient transportation of liquid products. Yacht Transport, yacht transportation requires expertise, especially for the sea transport of large yachts. Flexitank Container Transport, flexible containers are used for transporting liquid products. Perishable Cargo Transport, specialized solutions are provided for the transportation of sensitive and perishable goods, including temperature control. Transit times can vary depending on the chosen mode of transportation, routes, and destinations and are tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs. At BATI Innovative Logistics, we select the appropriate transportation modes and routes to transport our customer’s cargo safely, quickly, and efficiently. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers.
Could you talk about your growth plans both globally and domestically? Are there any new solutions and countries you plan to add to your service network?
I can say that our agenda includes making a name for ourselves internationally and increasing the number of our European offices after Germany, Italy, and the United States. We are working on increasing our foreign customer base to further expand our market share, which grew last year, and to grow in areas such as Tank, Project, and Yacht transportation. In the Middle East, with the support of our partners and our ETGB certificate, our company BATI EXPRESS COURIER SERVICES, established for courier transportation, continues to provide services with a daily capacity of 8 tons and 1500 packages, and we are continuing to grow. Our ultimate goals include the growth of our company and our shipment count.
In this period, what areas will you particularly focus on and invest in?
Starting from the beginning of 2023, we are closely monitoring industry innovations to further enhance our service quality. We plan to take steps in yacht and boat transportation by observing the potential in the European market, especially in Germany and Italy.
With our offices providing on-site services in both countries, we will strengthen our presence in Europe. Additionally, we aim to expand our global network by entering the American market. To quickly respond to our customer’s changing needs, we continuously update our technological investments. Our goal is to increase operational efficiency using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other technological tools. Simultaneously, we invest in eco-friendly practices to provide sustainable logistics services.


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