The most important is to hear from our customers: Thanks so much Captain!
As a Turkish logistics enterprise headquartered  in Yiwu, Zhejiang China and having agents mainly in Istanbul and Izmir - Turkey, CAPTAIN LOGISTICS (H.K.) LIMITED is mainly operating between China and Turkey. Established in Hong Kong in 2014, the company has built a strong service line between China and Turkey. Besides Turkey, the company has also been shipping to the USA and European countries as well.

zafer_cetin_captainThe company is providing complete point to point air freight services, including airport to airport and door to door services. Captain Logistics' service portfolio also covers charter, dangerous goods shipment, and consolidation services.  The company's ocean freight forwarding services covers delivering FCL / LCL cargoes from any place of the world to China+Turkey and from China+Turkey to any place of the world as port to port, port to door, door to port, door to door options. Zafer Çetin, Captain Logistics Managing Director, says, "If we hear 'Thanks so much Captain'' from our customers just following after the shipment, that means we did succeed already. We are trying our best to hear this."
Would you please tell us about Captain Logistics by explaining the company's structuring in China and Turkey, and also its network?
We, as CAPTAIN LOGISTICS (H.K.) LIMITED established in Hong Kong in 2014, aim to provide innovation with the experience and offer different solutions by providing excellent service in air freight & sea freight forwarding industries. 
Captain Logistics is a Turkish logistics enterprise which has head office in Yiwu, Zhejiang China and has partner agents mainly in Istanbul and Izmir - Turkey.
Since we have been trying to give the best service and solutions to our customers, we always cooperate with professional carriers, lines and agents. Especially from all ports of China we are always keep in touch with the best network not to delay any shipment or not to face any kind of problem. Day by day we are always adding new agents partners into our working list and checking the market situations with them by passing important informations to each other about the industry. 
We have been currently in Yiwu, Zhejiang province which is very close to Shanghai in the middle of China. If we start from Shanghai, we also give services from north side like Beijing, Tianjing, Xingang; from south side like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, HongKong with our partners. On the other hand in Turkey, mainly Istanbul is our partner city but we have been handling shipments in Ankara, Izmir, Tekirdag, Mersin as well with our skillfiull colleagues in our agents. 
Captain Logistics always focus on solution, that's why we are aiming to be as if we are logistics departments of our customers . They just say and we just do on time for sure.  
Would you explain the strength of the company's air and sea operations? What kind of customer benefits does the company provide in terms of time, cost, competition etc?
In the global market, while everything changing day by day so fast, Captain Logistics has been following all international markets in order to offer best service for air & sea freight industries to the valuable customers.
In air freight forwarding industry, in order to meet our customers' cost and time demands, we provide a complete point to point air freight service, including airport to airport and door to door. Our service portfolio also covers charter, dangerous goods shipment, and consolidation services. 
For ocean freight forwarding services, with a central point of traffic as China and Turkey, CPT is specialized in logistics supply chain, delivering from port to port, port to door, door to port , door to door and sea freight forwarding by carrying cargos as FCL / LCL from any place of the world to China+Turkey and from China+Turkey to any place of the world.
To meet clients’ requests, we always consider about cost with time together. We aim shortest time, cheapest cost. 
In general, marginal utility is a very important issue in every area , that's why have been always focusing on solutions which are the most productive ones . Trying to be fast as much as we are to avoid our clients from their competitors in the market. In this sector especially in air freight, if you are not fast and organized with customs and everything, you are nothing . If we hear "Thanks so much Captain" from our customers following after the shipment, that means we did succeed already. We are trying our best to hear this.
Considering Far East- Turkey line, especially which sectors and countries does the company focus on? 
Far East market is huge market as we all know. Especially China has been growing day by day. Once check export import database here in China, export datas  are always higher, thats why we are happy to be in China . 
We as Captain Logistics generally focus on textile, textile accessories, and jewelry markets. In China, Yiwu is well known and famous city for small products just like Tahtakale - Eminonu in Istanbul. Most of countries all around the world have been importing those kinds of products from Yiwu. 
On other hand besides small products, we are transporting automotive spare parts, agriculture tools , machine industry as well . 
Whether LCL or FCL, generally carrying our cargos within 23-25 days to Turkey. For air shipments our transit time is mostly one day, according to requests it would be three days as well. These are generally small products cargos which needs to be sold out fast in the market. Our main traffic is between China and Turkey. Besides Turkey, we have also been shipping to the USA and European countries as well.
What level of cargo has the company reached in 2017?
According to global markets datas, 2017 was sometimes good, sometimes not. But at the end we reached our aims for both air and ocean shipments. By comparing previous years, our FCL shipments increased, while LCL shipments dicreased. Clients preferred to buy more goods and loaded FCL in 2017. We carried around 25,000 CBM by ocean shipment and 285,000 kgs by air shipment for Turkish market
What's your targets for 2018?
In 2018, we aim to open a door in Europe for ourselves .  Especially for ocean services we will focus on carrying FCL shipments from whole China to all Europe by the help of our network. That will be accelerator for Captain. 
Once we let out our business in that market, we will be more stronger, and except just China and Turkey, we will be known in other countries as wel.
On other hand as you know there is one good project which is called One Road One Belt . We also want to be in train shipments side as well and develop ourselves as much as we can about it . So shorter transit times will be reached with competetive rates in the market. 
Anything you might like to add?
Our basic policy is honesty, perfect service quality with rationalist practices, informing just in time and correctly. At the same time our aim is getting added value by offering economic and fast shipping alternatives according to requirement of long term business relations, being as if our customers’ logistics department by facing with them as our partners not just one day business relations.
Our main aim is to be received as expert, leader and decent company in logistics industry, providing customers satisfaction without any mistake , increasing the continuity.Corporate evaluation is honesty and trust, respect human and public, trading ethic, prioritys customers satisfaction and excellent workflow. Finally want to say, "Just leave your shipments to Captain!" 
Merkezi Yiwu'da (Zhejiang -Çin) bulunan ve ağırlıklı olarak İstanbul ve İzmir'deki acentelerle işbirliği yapan bir Türk lojistik şirketi olan CAPTAIN LOGISTICS (H.K.) LIMITED, genellikle Çin ile Türkiye arasında faaliyet göstermekle birlikte ABD ve Avrupa ülkelerine sevkiyatlar da gerçekleştiriyor. Hong Kong'da 2014 yılında kurulan şirket, Çin ile Türkiye arasında güçlü bir hizmet ağı sunuyor. Şirket, uçtan uca hava taşımacılığı hizmetleri kapsamında havaalanından havaalanına ve kapıdan kapıya servisler de dahil olmak üzere tüm noktalara eksiksiz ulaşım sağlıyor. Captain Logistics'in hizmet portföyü;  charter, tehlikeli mal sevkiyatı ve konsolidasyon servislerini de kapsıyor. Şirketin denizaşırı nakliye hizmetleri; dünyanın herhangi bir yerinden Çin + Türkiye'ye, Çin + Türkiye'den dünyanın herhangi bir noktasına limandan limana, limandan kapıya, kapıdan limana, kapıdan kapıya seçenekli olarak FCL / LCL yüklerinin teslimatını içeriyor. Captain Logistics Genel Müdürü Zafer Çetin, "Sevkiyattan hemen sonra müşterilerimizden ‘Sağol Captain’ sözünü duyarsak, zaten başarmışız demektir. Bunu duymak için elimizden gelenin en iyisini yapıyoruz" diyor.
 Yindu Business Building, 12th Floor, No: 1218
Yiwu, Zhejiang, CHINA 
Warehouse Add: Yongsheng Xiaqou, Building 85, No: 1
Tel (电话): +86 579 856 510 59 / + 86 579 856 610 59
Fax (传真): +86 579 856 810 59
Mob (移动电话): +86 150 5867 5062 


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