Solmaz is now more stronger with Rhenus
Solmaz and Rhenus Freight Logistics has become partners since the beginning of March 2017. With this great step, Solmaz will be able to provide its clients more cost effective solutions with and a greater number of departures from more locations.

solmaz_lojistikSolmaz is a leading integrated logistics company providing services on freight, customs and warehousing with 38 years of experience in the industry and more than 1,200 employess at 50 locations in 16 cities in Turkey. With its own fleet operating mainly in Germany, Italy and Belgium and working with contracted carriers worldwide, Solmaz has the ability to arrange any kind of transportation in regards to the optimum transit time, cost and product characteristics, from small projects to huge undertakings, to offer the best solution including multi-modelling. 
Since the beginning of March 2017; Solmaz has a partnership agreement with Rhenus Freight Logistics. With this partnership Solmaz will improve its road traffic operations between Western and South-Eastern Europe and will be able to provide its clients more cost effective solutions with and a greater number of departures from more locations. Rhenus Group is a logistics services provider with global business operations and annual turnover of EUR 4.6 billion. Rhenus has business sites at over 500 locations worldwide and employs more than 26,000 people. 
"We believe the most efficient investment is the partnership investment; these kinds of cooperations with well known logistics partners move your company a few steps ahead in terms of quality and economics. Solmaz will continuously add its local know-how and power to this cooperation. Our service portfolio with Rhenus Group includes the transportation of hazardous goods and temperature-controlled consignments, bonded goods, express traffic, textile logistics with special equipments and pick & pack as well as the regular shipment traffic from/to Turkey," says Y. Yalçın Dorman,  General Manager Transportation.
With its own international fleet and working with contracted carriers worldwide, the company has the ability to arrange any kind of international transportation. Domestic distribution is organized with the company's own fleet in cities where Solmaz has its own set-up and with reliable sub-contracters in other areas. Besides dedicated deliveries, the company manages consolidated macro and micro distributions.
Y. Yalçın Dorman, General Manager Transportation, proudly underlines, "When we say we are an integrated logistics company; we mean it; we provide our clients consultancy on investment planning and foreign trade; we handle all the necessary steps to pick up the goods from a factory abroad and deliver them to their final customers in stores; including customs clearance and all kinds of handling in the warehouses before sales. The most important aspect of our business is to understand our clients’ needs and plan the SOPs accordingly."
Dorman adds, "We manage all these services with our in-house developed ERP System which enables us to be fast, flexible and technologically capable in tracking the status of the goods and creating countless reports. It also helps us minimize the human errors that may cost our clients time and money. Our set-up is designed to allow our clients to receive the most reliable and high-quality service at the most convenient cost. Our staff has been continuously trained with not only technical and soft skills but also with ethical and compliance values. Our quality, AEO and TRACE certifications speak for themselves. "
yalcin_dorman_solmazWAREHOUSING SERVICES
Since 1999; Solmaz has been investing in warehousing business. As of today, Solmaz manages a total of 150,000 sqm of bonded and non-bonded storage area in Istanbul, Gebze, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya; including the ones within the airports. The company's latest facility investment is Gebze Logistics Center; which is only a few minutes away from the Dilovasi and Yilport ports; offering bonded and non-bonded storage services for ADR goods. "We are confident that this warehouse is unique in its standards to store flammable and dangerous goods in the safest way possible" says Yalçın Dorman. 
Solmaz has been providing international transportation services since the last quarter of 1980’s. West Europe and Benelux countries has always been the focus of this company. Therefore, Solmaz has invested in a fleet of refrigerated and double deck trucks as well as tilted trucks in accordance with the needs of its clients. Italy has been the company's main market for road freight for the last 10 years as a result of its textile customers. Dorman stresses that in order to offer its clients with a shorter transit time, the company prefers to use complete roadway rather than Ro-Ro service from Istanbul to Trieste. 
Comparing to the previous year, Solmaz increased its turnover in transportation business by 20% in 2016. Although the Turkish economy bounced back in the final quarter of last year, Solmaz recorded a worhty growth by road & air freight services. "Our transportation revenues increased by 315% in the last 6 years and we believe it is because of our service quality, diversity of products and our transparency policy. For 2017, our target is to grow 30% more," announces Dorman. 
There was a change in the international express courier regulation at the beginning of the year which will allow the international express courrier services to be transported by road freight. Solmaz, will start operating its international courrier services by road with vans and small vehicles to provide the advantage of time and cost to its clients. In line with its strategy to grow in the global e-commerce business; the company has been the partner of SkyNet Worldwide Express Network since 2012. Solmaz is one of the first 100 service exporter companies in Turkey regarding 2015 figures of TIM. 
Yalçın Dorman explains that as a forwarder operating on Turkey – Europe line; the main obstacle that Solmaz face is the visas applied for the drivers and adds: "There are only more or less 30,000 drivers travelling within Europe as international drivers and they do not pose an illegal immigration risk. We would ask the EU authorities to grant a special entry permission for these drivers to have a faster and more smooth traffic on road freight with Turkey. This shall increase the trade volumes and decrease the transit times as well as costs. We all know Turkey has an ambitious export target for 2023 and EU is our biggest trade partner by far. Almost 50% of our export is to EU countries and about 40% of this volume is carried by trucks. This brings us to the 2nd obstacle; waiting times at the borders; especially going through Bulgaria. As transit times for door to door transportations to West Europe increase to 9 days, Turkish registered trucks lose more and more business each day.  Moreover, it makes it almost impossible to transport perishable goods as transit time affects the shelf life of the products negatively. We also feel obliged to mention about the transit charges applied to only Turkish hauliers and the limited quotas. Some countries even force hauliers to use different transportation models or lines."
Solmaz ve Rhenus, Avrupa ülkeleri ile Türkiye arasında her gün büyüyen ticareti daha da kolaylaştırmak için yeni bir işbirliğine imza attı. 2017 Mart ayı başında imzalanan anlaşma kapsamında Solmaz öncelikle Almanya, Portekiz ve İspanya hatlarında parsiyel ve komple karayolu taşımacılığı hizmetleri vermeye başladı. Solmaz, Almanya’nın en büyük gruplarından biri olan Rethmann Group’un bünyesinde bulunan Rhenus Logistics ile birlikte Avrupa ülkeleriyle karşılıklı parsiyel ve komple araç trafiğini başlattı. Solmaz; 24 bin çalışan, yıllık 4,1 milyar € ciro, Asya ve Avrupa’da 390’ı aşkın lokasyonda var olan Rhenus ile birlikte, müşterilerine kapsamlı ve yenilikçi çözümler sunuyor.
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