Having made Logistics 4.0 into a brand identity, EKOL to raise its flag in Europe
Ekol Logistics that has changed its conduct of business with “Logistics 4.0” strategy dramatically by renewing its corporate identity aims to increase the number of the countries where it inaugurates offices to 50, the number of its vehicles to over 10 thousand, the number of its ships to 11, the number of its block trains to 80,  its storage area to 1.5 million m2, the number of its ports to 3, and its turnover to 1.5 billion Euros by 2020. The company also plans to establish an airline company on the Europe-Iran line.  Ahmet Musul, Chairman of Ekol Logistics, said, “Our objective will make the Ekol flag fly in the Mediterranean, Caspian, Adriatic, and Black Sea, along with the EU countries.” 

ahmet_musul_ekolEkol, one of the most rapidly growing logistics companies of Turkey and Europe, has undersigned another breakthrough in the sector  and started its “Logistics 4.0” era. Aiming to change the habitual manners of business dramatically thanks to its “Logistics 4.0” strategy; Ekol will present integrated, flexible, and efficient solutions for its customers. Continuing its journey by getting stronger and stronger through the lunge of transformation it has started, Ekol has renewed its corporate face in parallel with its new strategy. Ekol aims to present more courageous and more dynamic structure, suitable for its entrepreneur spirit.
Giving a speech in the meeting in which Ekol’s renewed face was introduced, Ahmet Musul, Chairman of Ekol Logistics, said:
“We will start the journey, which we started in 1990, 27 years ago, once again with a new face and more contemporary viewpoint as of today. The world has been in a very serious transformation in the recent years and technology started to access each stage of our lives. We are entering a period that will affect almost each  level of our lives and that will affect the production, distribution, and management systems. We, as Ekol, tried to do things better and be a banner-bearer in our job and to bring innovations to our sector. I can proudly say that we have reached most of our targets.” 
Explaining that Logistics 4.0 has been registered for the name of Ekol, Musul continued as follows: 
“We also try to be a leader in the Industry 4.0 as well. We have a structure with which the outfits are stored and loaded onto vehicle without touching with hands. The structure we have called digital technology, artificial intelligence, and big data  have started to provide different solutions from the ones  I have just mentioned. As Ekol, we are conducting studies regarding them. Our target is to go one step ahead in the competence presented to us by technology. With our new logo, we tried to bring a more competent approach to the new understanding and new period. Logistics 4.0 is now a motto registered for the name of Ekol in the world.” 
Ekol that provides nine return trips a week with its six Ro-Ro ships with 240-trailer capacity between the ports of Haydarpaşa, Alsancak, Lavrio, Trieste, and Sete and that conducts its trading activities with 48 block trains to the provinces of Germany’s Köln, Ludwigshafen and Kiel, Czech Republic’s Ostrava, and France’s Sete and Paris progresses rapidly toward its target of being Europe’s leading logistics company. Musul pointed out that they did not receive revenues from outside Turkey in 2011 but they increased their revenues from abroad to 15% in 2016 and said that they were aiming to increase that amount to 20% this year. He added that their goal was to increase the number of the countries to 50 in 2020, which is currently 15, and said, “In addition, we also increase our 5,500 vehicles to over 10 thousand, the number of our ships to 11, and  our storage capacity to 1,5 million square-meters. Our target through these investments is to have 1.5 billion-euro turnover in 2020.” Musul stated that Turkey will have a very modern gate of entrance with their Ro-Ro terminal they put into service through a large investment in Yalova and that they would inaugurate the port in three weeks. Musul explained that they were planning to increase the number of the ports to three by purchasing a port in Greece in addition to Trieste and Yalova. Underlining that Ekol is by far a leader in Europe, though not in terms of tonnage, owing to its intermodal transport solutions, Musul said, “Thanks to our intermodal transport solutions, we are using the motorways only in 50 kilometer of the 3 thousand 500 km road in nearly 70 percent of our shipments. Our present intermodal lines are between Turkey and Europe. However, we are planning to present intermodal solutions on the lines of East-West Europe, North-South Europe or North Africa, and South Europe in the subsequent years as well. We will establish a line between Yalova-Constanta-Poti with the port of Yalova that we will put into service. Our objective will make the Ekol flag fly in the Mediterranean, Caspian, Adriatic, and Black Sea, along with the European Union countries by 2020.” 
Ekol aims to get a significant share from the trade between Europe and Iran. Musul stated that Ekol Logistics ranks second in Europe in intermodal transport, that it will be the leader in next to no time, and that, when it  comes to air transport, they wish to establish an air bridge between Europe and Iran. Musul said, “As we are able to provide services between Turkey and Europe in 36 hours, maximum 48 hours, the industries like automotive and electronics are obliged to use air services to a significant extent. It is not possible to reduce the shipments between Europe and Iran to below eight days due to either the winter conditions or bureaucratic preventions. However, there is the reality that Iran has a very significant ratio of automotive manufacture capacity. We predict that subsequent to the renewal of the automotive plants in Iran, their relations with Europe will be much more intense than today. In this scope, we are planning to establish an airline company that will conduct transports between Europe and Iran.” Stating that they have established the most modern and biggest storage area of the country in Iran, Musul said the following: “The Safran facility we are establishing is being designed to serve with multi-purpose. We are aiming to have a structure with multiple users, which will appeal to the industries of fast consumption, textiles, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. The facility consists of two phases. In mid 2018, the construction of the section with full automation and 60 thousand pallet capacity will start. The construction of the other section is still ongoing. We are planning to put it into service toward the end of this year.”  
Ekol provides substantial contributions to the conservation of the environment through the intermodal solutions it has developed.  Ahmet Musul said, "With our intermodal transport solution, we save from diesel fuels that will save a forest with the size of 850 football fields and provide  the opportunity of touring around the world 170 times every month by inflicting lesser damage on the environment than land transport through our transport solutions.” 
Arzu Tan, Ekol Logistics Corporate Communication Director, has introduced their new website. The new website Tan has introduced was prepared suitably for the VR technology that ensures visiting the facilities virtually and the new intranet that is completely mobile and social media compatible and that allows the use of all employees in 15 countries in their mother tongue was prepared in line with Ekol’s new brand strategy.
Türkiye'nin ve Avrupa'nın en hızlı büyüyen lojistik şirketlerinden Ekol, sektörde bir ilke daha imza atarak, “Lojistik 4.0” dönemi başlattı. Alışagelmiş iş yapış modellerini “Lojistik 4.0” stratejisi ile kökten değiştirmeyi amaçlayan Ekol, müşterileri için entegre, esnek ve etkin çözümler sunacak. Başlattığı dönüşüm hamlesiyle daha da güçlenerek yoluna devam eden Ekol, 2020 için de güçlü hedefler belirledi. Ekol, 2020’ye kadar ofis açtığı ülke sayısını 50’ye, araç sayısını 10 binin üstüne,  gemi sayısını 11’e, blok tren sayısını 80’e, depolama alanını 1.5 milyon m2’ye, liman sayısını 3’e ve cirosunu 1.5 milyar euroya çıkarmayı hedefliyor. Şirket ayrıca Avrupa-İran hattında havayolu şirketi kurmayı planlıyor. Ekol Lojistik Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Ahmet Musul, “Amacımız AB ülkelerinin yanı sıra Akdeniz, Hazar, Adriyatik ve Karadeniz’de Ekol bayrağını dalgalandırmak olacak” dedi. 
Ekol Logistics has undersigned a significant success by delivering the 41 wagon containers that it loaded from China’s province of Xian, to Hungary’s capital of Budapest by transiting six countries. In the ceremony held for the arrival of the 41-wagon train to the Mahart Container Terminal in Budapest, Tamas Molnar, Hungary Vice President; Duan Jielong, China's Hungary Ambassador; and Akos Kovacs, Ekol Logistics Hungary Manager, participated. Tamas Molnar stated that the wagons that arrived at Budapest in 17 days having set off from China and travelled 9 thousand 300 kilometers by rail are the mark of the developments that will provide substantial contributions to the economy of the country. Molnar added that Ekol Logistics took place among the most significant actors in the volume of trade with the Far East by assuming a historical duty. Duan Jielong, China's Hungary Ambassador, stated that a significant loss of time in terms of delivering the products manufactured in China to  Hungary has been eliminated and pointed out that efficiency also increased thanks to such opportunity provided by Ekol Logistics.


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