"Best Air Transport Forwarder" Karınca Logistics
Awarded "Best Air Transport Forwarder Firm" last year in Turkey, Karınca Logistics carried export cargoes of 2000 tons in 2016, capturing 30% higher volume compared to previous year. 

huseyin_gocerSaying that Karınca Logistics ranks among Turkey's best in the field of air cargo transportation based on its annual business volume, Hüseyin Göçer, Chairman and CEO,  underlines that the company is also strong at road transportation with its 200 self-owned and contracted vehicles and also strong at sea transportation by collaborating with the leading shipping line companies. In 2015, the company carried the import cargo of 500 tons and export cargo of 1500 tons by air. In 2016, by increasing these figures by 30%, Karınca increased its export volume to 2,000 tons. 
Would you please inform us about the brief history of Karınca Logistics?
Founded in 1986, KARINCA LOGISTICS is one of the most rewarding logistics company in Turkey. Today, KARINCA is offering customized and qualified supply chain solutions such as international logistics (air cargo, sea freight, road transportation), domestic logistics (delivery services, railway transportation, storage services, value added  logistics services), exploration for all offshore, customs clearance services and project transportation to its clients.
Air Cargo; Air cargo transportation, packaging and bonded and unbonded warehousing services to all airports in Turkey and more than 100 countries across the world from the airport offices located in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, thanks to its experienced aircraft cargo team. Sea Freight; Offering complete (FCL) and partial (LCL) container transportation services to and from all ports of the world, KARINCA collaborates with the leading shipping line companies. Road Transportation; KARINCA ensures time and resource saving for its customers, thanks to its modern fleet consisting of 200 self-owned and contracted vehicles, advanced high-tech new brand capabilities and information technology infrastructure.
karinca_logistics_odulLOGISTICS SERVICES:
Delivery Services; The distribution fleet of KARINCA consisting of the trucks  all of which are equipped with a tracking system as well as its vehicles designed in different characteristics for various loads deliver the goods of its customers to the end user. The company has been providing hazardous substance transportation services since the beginning of 2000 through its fleet consisting of 140 truck with ADR and special equipment with a bottom filling system.
Railway Transportation; Since August 2010 in 100,000 m2 railway station located in Mersin, KARINCA undertakes the road and railway transportation and handling processes of such minerals as cement, clinker, marble, pumice stone, coal, mineral water, sand, zinc etc. in the warehouse and open container areas.
Warehouse;  KARINCA minimizes the storage costs of its customers and ensures operation efficiency by way of storing various goods of its customers in a flexible and optimum manner thanks to its totally 90,000 m2 storage areas and more than 400 experienced storage employees and directors.
Value Added  Logistics Services; KARINCA successfully deals with such customized works requiring qualification as order preparation, disintegration, assembly, repackaging, boxing, barcoding, labelling, quality control, ironing, tagging, alarming, reverse logistics classification, removal of stain, packaging etc.
Customs clearance process with due diligence and ensures the implementation of the delivery schedules involving exact time. Assistance to its importers and exporters in order to assure fast customs clearance transactions, consultants who are working for 24 hours have intensive knowledge about the customs legislation. KARINCA has online access with customs authority system on top of that customer tracking system as well. 
KARINCA has been operating as the sole logistics service provider for all of the offshore oil and gas exploration projects and some of the biggest onshore oil and gas exploration projects in Turkey. Always demonstrated safety standards and requirements.
What kind of position does the company have in the air cargo sector? 
Karınca Logistics has been continuing its growth for approximately 30 years without diverging from its objective of presenting quality, fast, and reliable services in air cargo transport. In air cargo, we are presenting combined services including customs clearances, domestic shipment, insurance, and packaging. We are providing services at the airports of Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. We are able to respond all kinds of needs of our customers in the fastest manner with our seven-person air cargo reception and customs clearance team in our office in the new cargo terminal of Ataturk Airport. Having IATA certificate since 1987, Karınca feeds the production line of the automotive and manufacture industries working with the philosophy of “Just in Time” through its services and its worldwide network of agencies. In 2015, we carried the import cargo of 500 tons and export cargo of 1500 tons by air. In 2016, by increasing such figures by 30%, we increased our export volume to 2000 tons. Thanks to such achievements we have had, we were deemed worthy of the Best Air Transport Forwarder Firm Award at the Logitrans Fair held in 2016.
Would you mention your road transportation services?
We can summarize them as international land complete and partial transport services, combined transport, suspended readymade clothing transport, express and regular services, refrigerated shipments, shipments with ADR, and out-of-gauge shipments. On the Europe-Turkey line, we have regular partial round services three days a week. On the Europe line, for our customers working with the logic of JIT, a large part of our services are the express shipments, organization of door-to-door customs clearances and domestic delivery in the case of partial shipments, domestic and abroad customs clearances, storage and distribution services, and direct loading of the readymade clothing products from the warehouse after the controls. The KARINCA- RHENUS Holland cooperation that started in March 2017 has reinforced our services with the exit and entry points of Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmir. As a result of our cooperation that continues being stronger and stronger, we provide fast and quality services to our customers in the same package and under the most suitable conditions.
karinca_logistics_textileTEXTILE LOGISTICS INVESTMENTS 
What are your solutions for the textiles sector? 
Suspended transport of textiles is one of the areas where we have been specialized. In particular, the developments in terms of readymade clothing and retail sectors in Europe and the increase of rate of the consumption cycle have accelerated our investments in this regard. Our suspended warehouse systems and our infrastructure, specialized workforce, and our IT infrastructure that can operate with our customers in an integrated manner have ensured that we have taken part among the leading firms in the field of textiles logistics. Our international fleet that is suitable for suspended transport is reinforcing our leadership in the case of shipment as well. In the textiles sector, we are providing services with added value with the 100 percent customer satisfaction target to the leading firms in the textiles sector in the international arena. 
We turned our central warehouse in Büyükçekmece into the center of our operations in textiles logistics. In this warehouse of us that has fully automated ramp system, boxed partial and suspended readymade clothing products are being handled in an integrated manner. In addition, our operation follow-up unit we have established for the partial cargo transports provides our customers with the fastest services under the most appropriate conditions by conducting the follow-up of the vast line of products, ranging from automotive to cosmetics, from spare parts to electronics, which we dispatch through our round trips on the Europe line we arrange three days a week. We will be providing better services to our exporters sending suspended textiles and partial goods in the Aegean Region with our new suspended and general cargo warehouse we put into service in Izmir’s district of Kemalpaşa in the beginning of 2017.
Would you mention your structuring regarding project logistics?
Karınca Logistics has a good know-how especially in the field of project logistics. We are quite experienced in terms of true planning regarding projects and of the realization of the provision of suitable equipment, accurate cost estimation, customs clearances, insurance, and multimodal shipments and we have a solid team in this field. Our company’s presence in the projects oriented to energy sector was a substantial factor for our achievements in project logistics. I can say that our project logistics services have grown by more than 25%. We are aiming to increase this ratio to 35% in 2017. We are trying to take more shares in the investments made in the Turkic Republics, the Middle East, and Arab Peninsula, outside the Europe line where we have substantial experience.
Karınca Lojistik Uluslararası Taşımacılık ve Gümrük Hizmetlerinden Sorumlu İcra Kurulu Üyesi Serkan Yılmaz,2016 yılında "En İyi Havayolu Forwarderı" seçilen Karınca Lojistik'in yıllık hava kargo hacmi bazında Türkiye'nin en iyileri arasında yer aldığını belirtiyor. Serkan Yılmaz, şirketin 200 adet özmal ve kiralık aracıyla karayolu taşımacılığında, büyük işbirlikleri ile de denizyolu taşımacılığında güçlü olduğunu vurguluyor. 2015 yılında hava kargoda 500 ton ithalat yükü ve 1500 ton ihracat yükü taşıyan şirket, 2016 yılında ihracat taşıma rakamlarını % 30 arttırarak 2.000 tona yükseltti.


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