YILNAK, will grow its capability in wind energy logistics
Dedicating itself to project, heavy load and energy logistics, Yılnak has made its mark on projects such as the transportation of Turkish Airlines Cargo Department from Atatürk Airport to the new Istanbul Airport in 56 hours instead of 72, and is on the list of sought-after companies with the solutions it offers for wind energy investments. Yılnak General Manager Ömer Gece said that they aim to grow in wind energy logistics and expand their geographical footprint in 2024.

YılnakCould you give information about Yılnak's logistics infrastructure and talk about its experience and success in energy, projects and heavy load transportation?
Established in 1973 and now a key part of Alp Ozler Group since 2011, Yılnak stands at the forefront of heavy haulage and project logistics, offering unparalleled solutions worldwide. With a commitment encapsulated in our motto, “We know what we transport,” our fleet boasts over 50 heavy haulage trucks and more than 100 specialized trailers, representing the youngest fleet in Turkey’s heavy transport sector. Our team of over 120 professionals spans across 3 countries and 8 cities, dedicated to delivering excellence in logistics and transportation for energy projects and heavy loads.
Do you offer turnkey solutions to your customers? In terms of service / time / cost / competition etc. What kind of advantages do you offer?
Yılnak excels in providing turnkey solutions, bolstered by our expansive global network across 56 countries and four continents. This extensive reach, coupled with our strategic partnerships and agencies worldwide, ensures swift and effective responses to operational challenges, securing our esteemed position in the logistics sector. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, focusing on service efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and competitive advantages to surpass our customers’ expectations.
Which sectors do you provide services to the most in the field of project, heavy load and energy logistics? In which regions do you concentrate your operations at the country and abroad?
Yılnak specializes in serving the wind energy sector,oil& gas sector and heavy construction sector. A testament to our expertise in handling complex logistics and heavy haulage demands. Our operations are strategically concentrated in regions known for wind energy projects, including but not limited to Europe, North America, and Asia. Our commitment to renewable energy projects underlines our dedication to contributing to a sustainable future, making us the logistics partner of choice in the dynamic energy sector.
What is your growth target for this year? Which areas will you prioritize investing in? 
In 2024, Yılnak aims to expand its role as a solution partner in numerous wind energy projects, targeting significant growth. Our investment priorities include enhancing our fleet with more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vehicles, and expanding our geographical footprint to embrace emerging markets in wind energy logistics. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives our investment strategy, with a planned substantial allocation towards achieving these goals.
Which regions are the markets that increase their attractiveness for companies providing services in project and energy logistics? What is the growth potential of the market?
The project and energy logistics market, both in Türkiye and globally, has seen substantial growth, driven by the increasing demand for renewable energy sources. Regions exhibiting high growth potential include Asia-Pacific and North America, attributed to their aggressive renewable energy initiatives. Yılnak, with its specialized focus on wind energy logistics, is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth, reinforcing our leadership in the sector.
Could you briefly describe the operation processes by giving examples of your projects that you have undertaken and that no one else can do except us?
Yılnak’s capability to handle intricate and high-stakes projects is exemplified by our pivotal role in relocating Turkish Airlines’ Cargo Department from Atatürk Airport to the new Istanbul Airport. This project was an engineering feat, meticulously planned to be executed within 72 hours but remarkably completed in a record time of 56 hours. We meticulously aligned the entire relocation operation with the precise schedules of incoming and outgoing flights, demonstrating our exceptional ability to manage complex logistics challenges. This operation wasn’t just a move; it was a testament to our engineering prowess and our capacity to execute specialized transportation projects under tight deadlines.
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