DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects crosses borders in project cargoes with its global network
Stating that DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects offers a series of turnkey solutions, tailer-made logistics solutions and value-added services to meet the increasing demand for comprehensive project transportation services, DHL Global Forwarding Head of Industrial Projects Mustafa Ildız, said: “As part of DHL Global Forwarding with our 30,000 employees, we can offer a variety of forwarding options and meet the growing demand for multimodal shipments worldwide.”

dhlHow did DHL Global Forwarding, which started industrial project logistics services in 2009, restructure in the project transportation? Could you tell us about the experience and knowledge you have gained in 15 years?
The experience and knowledge gained by DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects over 15 years in project transportation have been instrumental in refining its strategies, improving operational efficiency, and delivering value-added services to its clients. Projects transportation often involves handling complex and oversized cargo for industries like Energy, Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC), Manufacturing, Mining, Oil&Gas. Industrial Projects have invested in developing specialized expertise within its workforce, including engineers, project managers, and logistics specialists, to cater to the unique needs of such projects. Our network of experienced customer managers and project operators offer in-depth industry expertise acquired through years of hands-on experience.
Throughout the years, we have helped both small and large customers successfully execute their projects, be it single move or ad-hoc shipments, capital projects and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) including global multi-supplier management.
Some of the important and effective elements we use while doing this are; Customer-Centric Approach, Global Network Expansion, sustainability initiatives, Risk Management, Improving end-to-end visibility in project logistics activities.
Customer Promise - "Excellence. Simply Delivered." reflects our commitment to unparalleled service. Achieved through the expertise of our team, the strength of our global network, a zero-tolerance compliance environment, and a robust Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) culture. 
Risk Management is also mitigating risks associated with project transportation, such as delays, damages, or regulatory issues, have been a priority. Industrial Projects refined its risk management strategies, which involve comprehensive contingency planning, insurance solutions, and compliance measures.
While customer demands vary in project transportation, the demand for turnkey solutions is increasing. With which services does DHL Global Forwarding offer a solution to this need? 
DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects offers a range of turnkey solutions, tailer-made logistics solutions and value added services in order to meet the increasing demand for comprehensive project transportation services. Industrial Projects also provides the safe, compliant and reliable management of project logistics for oversized cargo and heavy lifts, as well as deep-sea chartering activity. 
These solutions offers customers a strategic advantage by addressing their diverse project transportation needs comprehensively, efficiently, and cost-effectively, thus contributing to their success in an increasingly competitive landscape.
The solution includes global multi-supplier projects, from pick-up to consolidation and delivery, to fabrication facilities and final project job sites. Being a part of DHL Global Forwarding with around 30,000 employees in more than 190 countries and territories, we are able to offer a variety of routing options and meet the increasing demand for multimodal shipments globally.
Besides, End to End (E2E) logistics is at the core of our projects offering. With our early engagement and industry knowledge, we provide market leading, industrial project logistics solutions and informed decision making.
These solutions are also designed to provide customers with end-to-end support, from planning and execution to final delivery, addressing their specific needs and efficiently. Some of the key services offered by DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects in this regard include; Project Planning and Consultation, Transportation Management: 
Technical Engineering, Comprehensive Solution for Global Projects: Safe and Reliable Project Logistics Management: Single Point of Contact: Time Efficiency Cost Optimization, Competitive Edge, Risk Management and Insurance and use of our Material Management System (MMS)
Industrial Projects’ comprehensive turnkey solutions, combined with its global presence, industry experience, and operational excellence, provide customers with a competitive edge in the market, enabling them to differentiate themselves, win new business, and expand their project capabilities.
Additionally, in terms of Ad-hoc shipments; Our global presence and local knowledge allow us to provide the needed timely, dynamic and robust support for ad-hoc requests while delivering safe and efficient industrial project logistics solution at competitive rates.
Which modes do you use most in project transportation? Which sectors do you mainly serve? Which regions abroad do you mainly transport to?
DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects' extensive global network allows to serve a wide range of sectors and transport project cargo to destinations worldwide. The company caters to the diverse needs of its clients across different industries and regions. Industrial Projects employs various modes of transportation, such as multi-modal solutions in project logistics, depending on the specific requirements of each Project. Some of the primary modes utilized include; Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Rail Transport and Road Transport.
For moving heavy, oversize and too large cargoes of road travel very large transport with an escort and special permit is heavy hauler transport equipments uses.
these equipments consists of ballast tractor and a hydraulic modular trailer which have independently steerable wheels, and several might be towed by one or more tractor units in a train. 
In the narrow jobsites or routes/roads SPMT (self-propelled Modular Transporters) which have featuring a dozen or more self-steering axles with scores of rubber tires to spread out heavy units might be needed.
DHL Global Forwarding offers project transportation services to a diverse range of sectors. EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction), Engineering & Manufacturing, mining, Oil&Gas, Renewables&Energy, Government& Defense are among the these sectors primarily served by Industrial Projects. This includes renewable energy projects such as oil and gas initiatives, wind farms, and solar installations, as well as power generation infrastructure. Additionally, Industrial Projects supports large-scale construction projects worldwide by transporting heavy machinery, building materials, and equipment. 
Industrial Projects also assists mining companies by transporting equipment, components, and raw materials for mining operations and mineral extraction projects. Furthermore, DHL Global Forwarding facilitates the transportation of industrial machinery, components, and products for various engineering and manufacturing projects. Industrial Projects plays a crucial role in infrastructure development projects, transporting construction materials and equipment for transportation projects such as roads, bridges, railways, airports, and ports as well.
In terms of regions served, DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects operates globally and provides project transportation services to virtually every part of the world. However, specific regions may see higher volumes of project cargo transportation based on economic activity, infrastructure development, and industrial projects. Industrial Projects serves several key regions in project transportation, each characterized by unique demands;
The Middle East and Africa region, with its wealth of energy resources and extensive infrastructure projects, experiences significant demand for project logistics services. 
Meanwhile, Europe remains a prominent market for project transportation due to its ongoing construction projects, energy investments, and infrastructure upgrades. 
In Americas, encompassing both North and South America, diverse needs for project cargo, including energy projects, mining operations, and infrastructure developments, underscore the importance of this region for Industrial Project transportation services. 
And, the Asia-Pacific region, characterized by substantial industrial growth and infrastructure development, emerges as a key market for project.
What size has the project transportation market in Türkiye and the world reached? Where are the markets concentrated that increase their attractiveness for companies engaged in project transportation? 
The project transportation market presents numerous opportunities and challenges related to the transportation of materials and equipment required for the construction of large-scale energy projects and industrial facilities. The size of this market can vary depending on factors such as the demand and supply balance in specific sectors, economic conditions, international trade flows, and changes in investments.  
Especially in countries with growing economies like Türkiye, energy projects and the construction of industrial facilities create an increasing demand. This not only increases the need for project transportation services but also presents opportunities for companies operating in this sector. 
The project transportation market in Türkiye is significantly influenced by the country's strategic geographical location, serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia, as well as its ongoing advancements in infrastructure and industrial sectors. While obtaining precise data regarding the exact size of Turkey's project transportation market may vary, it undeniably holds a prominent position within the broader global market. This is particularly evident due to Turkey's pivotal role as a regional hub for trade and investment.
Globally, the project transportation market is associated with large international energy, construction, mining, infrastructure, engineering and manufacturing projects, and other large-scale facility developments. These projects often require tailer-made logistics solutions and specialized transportation equipment, contributing to the growth of the project transportation market. 
In conclusion, the size of the project transportation market has a complex and dynamic structure, varying depending on global and local economic factors, as well as industry demands and changes in investments. 
Could you briefly describe the operation processes by giving examples from one or two of the projects in which you are a solution partner in the field? 
We can bring to the fore long term turnkey project we were solution partner to our customers as example; The Initial Oil Train Project (IOT) in Southern Iraq lasted approximately 3 years, during which cargoes of various sizes and weights from around the world were transported door-to-door to the project site. The primary components of 19 modules were transported from the manufacturer's factory to a loading port in Turkey using self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT). Additionally, numerous extendable trailers were utilized for the transportation of 27-28-meter-long pipes and spools. To facilitate this movement, 3 geared heavy lift vessels were chartered by DHL Global Forwarding Industrial Projects. The cargo securely stored at the port in Basra,Iraq, was transported individually from the port to the project site using specialized vehicles according to customer’s requirements, following the completion of customs procedures and the obtaining of road permits.
Breakbulk as door to door basis 
Inland transportation at both ends 
Any documentation and customs formalities at both ends, 
Legalization formalities all over the world 
Heavy transportation 
Route surveys 
Any port handling, operations, sorting, labeling, 3rd party survey
Supervision at all stages
Volumes: Ttl 18000 CBM / 8000 mtons
Cargos: 19 units Piperack modules, spools, and other accessories - Heaviest unit: LWH 27000 5500 x 5500mm/ 100 mton / 817 CBM
3 Geared Heavylift Vessels
+20 SPMTs 
+100 extendable trailers 
+300 standard trailers for inland
+300 standard trailers for international 
+15 hydraulic trailers
+100 TEU containers 
+50 airfreight shipments
+10 small vans


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