BATU to settle in Trieste
Batu which is one of the rapidly growing logistics groups of Turkey, is preparing to make a new breakthrough in Europe. The group plans to start up an office in Trieste which is an important gate for the shipments made from Turkey. Batu International Logistics Chairman Taner Ankara states that they shall complete the settlement in Trieste in the first half of this year. 

taner_ankara_batuWhat kind of a size did Batu reach today by being a company which started its activity in 2002? Can you mention about your investments? 
As Batu International Logistics, we started our activities as a freight forwarder company in 2002. Then, we have made investment in seaway, railway, airway and depot warehouse facilities as vehicle operator with our fleet investments. We continue our activities by taking 4 companies that serve in different areas of logistics under Batu Group of Companies in 2014. Our group, which provides service in all transportation models, has a free and bonded warehouse area of 55 thousand m2 in total in Büyükçekmece and Gebze.
Together with our employees over 200, we provide solutions to our customers by providing value-added services to all logistics operations from A to Z. We started 2017 with investment. First we started up our regional office in Konya, and then we added 25 new Iveo Stralis tow trucks to our fleet. We have a warehouse investment plan in Anatolia within the year.
Which countries, which sectors, in which modes do you mainly provide service on Turkey-Europe Line? 
We have mainly transportations for Germany, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria as well as the transportations of textile, chemical industry and the automotive sector. We deliver automotive spare parts to Eastern European countries, where the factories of global automotive manufacturers are dense. In case the majority of our transportations is highway, we also perform combined transportation through our intermodal company. However, we can say that the just in time operation of the automotive industry obliges the highway transportations. Through our minivan project, we can make deliveries to Continental Europe faster than an airplane. 
Can you mention about your minivan service? 
We have developed our Minivan service in 2012 for deliveries to be made to Eastern European countries where have less direct flights. Through the service which provides transfer of the products requiring suspended transportation or the products required to be cold or flammable and hazardous materials in a single vehicle, we have the opportunity to transport to any point in Europe between 36 and 48 hours. Through our Minivan service where loads of up to 1400 kilograms can be transported, we eliminated the extra transportation and customs clearance between the loading area-airport/airport-loading areas. Thus, we overcome cost and time obstacles with door-to-door transportation. The transportations which we have made with this service are close to 1000 at the end of the year.
What is the share of Europe line within your business volume? What are your targets for 2017? 
We can actualize operations to many countries of the world. However, our transportations are mainly between European countries and Turkey. The share of the European line in our total transportations reaches 85%. We will complete our settlement in Trieste city of Italy for concentrating to Europe transportations within the first half of this year. 
Do you have an interesting/different operation on Turkey-Europe line?
The transportation of a machine with the weight of 42 tons of a mining company has been realized with low-bed from Austria to Çerkezköy (Turkey) in 2016. 
What are the main problems in Europe transportations? 
The costs applied by the countries such as transportation quotas and visas take place among the main problems of logistics sector. The consequence of Brexit decision of England is still a mystery today.


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