Drone Delivery Canada is testing of Long-Range Cargo Delivery Drone – The Condor

Yayın: 16-04-2020
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The company is to announce that it will begin the commercial testing of the Condor. The Condor has a lifting capability of 180kgs (400lbs) of payload, a travel range of 200kms and an operating speed of 120kph.  The multi-package payload compartment is designed to carry approximately 20 cubic feet of cargo.

How some countries around the world are supporting road transport on COVID-19?

Yayın: 15-04-2020
Kategori: Dünyadan

“Faced with the global COVID-19 crisis, some countries around the world have risen to the challenge and have introduced measures to keep road transport and the flow of goods moving,” said IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto.

TIR helps open up India-Iran-Afghanistan intermodal trade

Yayın: 19-03-2020
Kategori: Dünyadan

The first intermodal transport, using TIR from India via Chabahar port in Iran, was completed last week.

FIATA uluslararası toplantılarını iptal etti

Yayın: 18-03-2020
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Dünya forwarderlarının çatı örgütü olan FIATA, koronovirüs nedeniyle uluslararası toplantılarını iptal ettiğini duyurdu.


CEVA Logistics wins five-year contract with Airbus in Hamburg

Yayın: 25-02-2020
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·       In Hamburg, CEVA Logistics will manage spare parts and components from multiple sites across Europe
·       CEVA Logistics will develop projects to reduce lead times, costs and supply chain efficiency for Airbus
·       With this major program, CEVA Logistics further develops its presence in aerospace logistics

Breakbulk Europe opens today

Yayın: 21-05-2019
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Breakbulk Europe, the world’s largest event for the project cargo and breakbulk industry, opens its doors at Messe Bremen to an expected crowd of 11,000 from 120 countries today. The Welcome Reception will be held from 17:00 – 20:00, followed by two days of exhibition, conference programming and networking activities.

CEVA Lojistik, blockchain tabanlı teknoloji işbirliği için IBM ve Maersk ile anlaştı

Yayın: 24-09-2018
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CEVA, dijitalleşme planı çerçevesinde, blockchain tabanlı teknoloji işbirliği için IBM ve Maersk ile birlikte çalışma kararı aldı. Bu işbirliği neticesinde kullanıma başlanan TradeLens yazılımı ile CEVA, daha da global standartlarda hizmet sunacak.

Outlook 2019 for the International Logistics and Freight Forwarding

Yayın: 23-09-2018
Kategori: Dünyadan

Babar Badat / President of FIATA

Laurent Binetti appointed new Chief Commercial Officer of CEVA Logistics

Yayın: 29-08-2018
Kategori: Dünyadan

CEVA Logistics has appointed Laurent Binetti as the new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). He will join the company as of 1 September, 2018.

CEVA appoints Terry Carter as Senior Vice President Transportation Contract Logistics

Yayın: 27-07-2018
Kategori: Dünyadan

CEVA Logistics has announced the appointment of Terry Carter to the newly created position of Senior Vice President Transportation for Contract Logistics. He will be based in the US and report to Brett Bissell, Chief Operating Officer Contract Logistics.